Identification and Quantification of Degradome Components in Synovial Fluid

Rydén, M., et al. “IDENTIFICATION AND QUANTIFICATION OF DEGRADOME COMPONENTS IN SYNOVIAL FLUID.” Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 30 (2022): S346-S347.


Purpose: The regulatory mechanisms of protein turnover in osteoarthritis (OA) are still poorly understood. For instance, dysregulation of proteolytic reaction may be associated with a variety of disease events and understanding the principles that govern such dysregulation is an important part of OA biomarker analysis. Synovial fluid could reflect protease activity in surrounding joint tissues and could provide important insights about OA disease progression. Thus, our aim was to characterize the degradome of human knee synovial fluid in healthy versus late-stage knee OA. Specifically, we wanted to identify and quantify endogenously cleaved peptides and explain enzymatic processes that could play a role in OA disease progression.