Identification of peptides of cinobufacini by gel filter chromatography and peptidomics

Li, Junxian, et al. “Identification of peptides of cinobufacini by gel filter chromatography and peptidomics.” Journal of Separation Science 45.15 (2022): 2845-2854.


Aqueous extract of toad skin (named as Cinobufacini or Huachansu) provides plentiful sources of bioactive peptides that remain undetected and unidentified. High-resolution mass spectrometry-based peptidomics platforms have developed into a major approach to the discovery of natural peptides, with data-dependent acquisition modes providing a wealth of peptide profiling information. In this study, we used a gel- and HLB (a solid phase extraction cartridge)-based two-dimensional separation and purification system and nano-liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry-based peptidomic studies with homology matching for the identification of peptides from Cinobufacini. We evaluated 232 multi-charged peptides and found several specific peptides, some of which were validated by target parallel reaction monitoring mode. These peptides are the first to be identified in Cinobufacini and are completely different from ones identified in toad venom. So, this mapping provides key peptide information for the quality control of Bufo bufo gargarizans skin and its preparation.