PEAKS AB 3.0 Release

Today, Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. (BSI) is proud to release PEAKS AB 3.0, a protein de novo sequencing and glycan profiling software. PEAKS AB provides a powerful, automated solution for the complete de novo sequencing of proteins from high-resolution LC-MS/MS datasets. In PEAKS AB 3.0 protein samples other than antibody can be sequenced by assembling of de novo tags are used to retrieve the unknown sequence, and can take advantage of a reference sequence(s) to identify peptide spectral matches and fill sequence gaps.

Identifying and profiling all post-translational modifications (PTMs) are critical for complete characterisation. A new feature introduced in PEAKS AB 3.0 is the Glycan Profiling tool. This tool performs in-depth glycan profiling for N-linked sites identified in the heavy and/or light chains of the antibody.

Once the complete protein sequence and PTM sites are determined, the PEAKS AB 3.0 advanced deconvolution algorithm enables automated, efficient, and accurate intact mass analysis. Intact mass measurements of proteins are performed to validate the assembled sequence and presence of any modifications such as N-terminal pyro-glutamate (Gln->Pyro-Glu), C-terminal lysine truncation (1*Lys-Trunc), and N-linked glycosylation (1*A2G0F),

PEAKS AB 3.0 Highlights

  • In-Depth Glycan Profiling
  • Sequence assembly of non-antibody proteins
  • Manual editing and finding homologous sequences
  • Advanced intact Mass Deconvolution Analysis
  • Support more instruments including Sciex ZenoTOF

Learn more about the new PEAKS AB 3.0 Software and how it can advance your research for protein de novo sequencing, sequence validation, and glycan profiling.