DeepImmu: AI-Driven MS-based Immunopeptidome Discovery
Presenter: Ailee Aihemaiti, PhD, Application Scientist

Join Dr. Ailee Aihemaiti as she presents our newest service at BSI called DeepImmu. Immunopeptidome profiling is the study of the dynamics and composition of MHC class-I and class-II immune peptides, enabling not only the discovery of targets for personalised cancer immunotherapy, but also contributes to new mRNA/polypeptide vaccines and immune cell therapy. In this talk, we present DeepImmu® Immunopeptidomics Discovery Platform, which offers a comprehensive solution from MHC immunopeptide purification, LC-MS/MS acquisition, DeepNovo® algorithm-based sequencing for peptide identification, DeepSelf immunogenicity prediction, to neoantigen screening and immunogenicity validation. DeepImmu platform is compatible with genomic or transcriptome information from NGS. The unique artificial intelligence immunogenicity prediction algorithm DeepSelf can help the screening of neoantigens more accurately.

Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2024

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