PEAKS Studio 11 Release (Patch Version)

Today, Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. (BSI) is proud to release a new version of PEAKS Studio that offers one of the most robust data analysis software in the industry! As the new generation of PEAKS Studio, we harness deep learning in DDA and DIA workflows to offer a solution that is both sensitive and extremely accurate.

In this version, we have further enhanced both, DDA- and DIA-LFQ workflows, and integrated new features including: deep learning enabled DeepNovo Sequencing, NEW PEAKS PTM: Optimised algorithms for a confident PTM identification at sequence and site levels, automated QC tool for protein/peptide identification and quantification workflows, and enhanced PTM analysis solution in DIA workflows.

For all users with an active Service Plan Subscription, we encourage you to upgrade to the latest version and take your discovery proteomics research to new heights. If you are new to PEAKS or using an older version, please feel free to request a free trial or a demo today.


  • New DeepNovo – deep learning-based solution with higher accuracy and throughput
  • NEW PEAKS PTM: signature ions enabled higher sensitivity and confident PTM profiling
  • DeepNovo Peptidome: Comprehensive peptidome workflow, integrated database search and de novo sequencing with FDR control
  • Automated QC tool for protein identification and quantification workflows with DDA and DIA
  • Support universal modification in DIA analysis
  • Support TMT quantification using QC-channels
  • Support DIA data from Orbitrap Astral